The Sudan Archives is fully independent project committed to creating a sustainable platform for safekeeping and distributing critical information related to human rights and media. We need your support to help keep this information secure and free. If you or your organisation is interesting in supporting this mission please reach out to us at:

The Sudanese Archive platform is collaborative and decentralised. This means our data comes from a community of incredible partners who are documenting, monitoring, and creating visual media every day in the most difficult situations.

We are always looking to expand that network in Sudan.

Please contact us if you would like to work together or need help accessing resources for your organisation. It’s important to state that all data and visual information submitted to the Sudan Archive is owned by the person or organisation that created it, not by the archive. Our platform only provides a way to preserve the information, structure it, and safely share it.

We work with groups in three ways:

  • We provide resources, tools, and best practices for data driven human rights documentation and investigative journalism.
  • We archive data from partners in a secure manner and share our related open datasets. Partners can archive their data so that it is open to the public to access, so that is open to trusted partners, or so that it is closed from public views.

If you know of organisations, media offices, activists and others that could be interested then please direct them to our website and send them our email. We are also keen to create partnerships with human rights groups, investigators, researchers, lawyers, journalists, historians and political artists who could use the documentation in issues related to advocacy, reporting, memorial and investigation of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Contact us: Please contact us on info [at] sudanesearchive[dot] org.

The Sudan Archives has partnered or collaborated with various organisations and non-profits working in the human rights and citizen journalist sectors, as well as international institutions and universities who share our mission. These include:

Human Rights Center UC Berkeley School of Law

Due to the current security situation we are not public about the diverse community of human rights organisations, journalists, lawyers, and human rights defenders we work with in Sudan to preserve and verify their visual documentation.